Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Before I hit the road today...

I'm taking a small trip over to Cleveland to visit the other love of my life, Laura Beth, to check out a fabric store and do some other "girly" things. But before I do, I thought I'd post some pictures of some recent additions to our shop. As I mentioned, I'll be working on the Etsy shop this week, so bare with me - it's on it's way! Until then, here's some pictures to tide you over :)

Patchwork Stuffed Baby Ball

Stuffed Alphablocks

Horsey Coat Hook

Patchwork Baby Quilt with felt hearts
So it's been awhile (since the beginning of summer!) since I've posted. I promise I have a decent excuse, though. I got married AND found out we're pregnant with twins! Needless to say, my time has been a little tied up. Between sickness and being tired and working on aprons and Cooper Young Fest when I could, the blog fell by the wayside. But I'm here to say "no more!" From here on out, I will resolve to be better about posting. And I'll be working on the Etsy shop this week for anyone interested in doing a little shopping :) For anyone who's been following LFS for awhile, you might notice the products are shifting towards more kid and baby friendly stuff. It's my way of nesting, I suppose, but with the twins on their way, I figure shifting that way makes total sense! But we'll still have a lot of our old standards, so not to worry!

So I've got to get to work! But I'll leave you with a small handful of my favorite photos from the wedding: