Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Curious...

Is it Christmas? Because I opened the mailbox today and saw Martha Stewart holding presents and I sure thought it was Christmas. It was really just her magazine, but that's Christmas enough for me! Already I have plans to make 3 of the recipes mentioned in the magazine. PLUS, I ordered the ultra cheesy, but ultra awesome, Knit-Wit that Martha talks about in the latest issue. Yes, it's that infomercial, 70's, As Seen On TV, product that makes knitting a cinch. The official website of the Knit-Wit still boasts photos like these:

I neeeeeed that wicker chair. It's more like a wicker throne. And it's amazing.
Anyway, I have no intentions of trying the afghan, but I am excited to try some of the projects Martha suggested in the new magazine. She used the tool mostly for embelishments and I think it's going to be the perfect thing to spruce up some apron ideas I've had. Along with some purses and blankets for kids and a whole mess of other things. Cannot wait to play with my new toy. just 5 more business days...

And since I mentioned Christmas and aprons, I'll share with you the latest apron I've made for the bakery:

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