Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy early birthday to me!

I knew the day would come. It could only last so long. And finally, with no real warning, my sewing machine said "I've had enough!" It was a great first sewing machine. We had the best of times and the worst of times. It was actually April's sewing machine that somehow always stayed with me and now it's been almost 6 years and here we are. I guess I owe April a sewing machine!

So the old gal finally gave up. And Joe mentioned he'd been planning to buy me a new one. It's something we've both talked about for at least a year now mostly because the old machine can do only the very basic functions. We had to run some errands this morning and while we were out Joe said "Go ahead and pick up your sewing machine. I mean you need it now anyway and your birthday's only a month away." So I got it! And its puuurty:

It should be fun watching me learn how to go from, like, 12 stitch patterns to 70. I've already got some pretty servere mom brain after only 6 months, so this could be interesting. But I'm so excited to learn! I'm ready to make skirts for Charlie and superhero capes for Davey. I'm ready to make clothes for Laura Beth and maybe even some for me. I'm ready to learn new stuff so I can make some super rad aprons for the bakery.

The sky's the limit, yall!

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