Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"No one's gonna love you more than I do..."

I woke up this Memorial Day Monday thinking "This is going to be the best day". Maybe I was channeling our old psychic friend Ms. Cleo from prision or something, but you guys, I was totally right.
Sunday, Laura Beth and I went over to Batesville and I picked up a kiddie pool for the babies to play in. We all love being outside, but it's getting hot and they are definitely noticing. So I thought "Kiddie pool party!"
So we woke up Monday morning bright and early. We headed out to the porch as a family while the kids played on their mat and Avett Brothers hummed through the porch. The kudzu is spreading green all around us and it smells like honeysuckle. THIS is the life. This surely is the life. Later the kids nap and Joe and I fold laundry and have cheese and grapes and just enjoy each others company. That might be a detail I could leave out, but those moments are rare these days, with two babies, so I feel it's worth the mention. When naptime is over, I am squirming with delight over the approaching pool time. Joe sets it up, fills it with water, I lather everyone up with SPF 5 bajillion and we make our way to the pool (which is covered in dinosaurs for extra awesomeness). Instantly the kids are not happy with how cold it is and instantly my face drops. My big idea was a flop. I get so excited when I think I've really figured out what will make the kids happy. And when I fail, man do I take it personally. But Joe, being the wonderful dad and husband he is, just wouldnt let that be that. He knew it meant a lot to me. So one by one he carried out 4 buckets of warm water to pour in with the cold water in the pool. We tried it again. This time I was less excited and more nervous, not sure my heart could take more rejection. But...THE KIDS WERE SO HAPPY! We played in the pool for an hour and a half, which is a pretty big deal around here. I kept saying to Joe, "This is the best day ever. I am so happy right now."
And folks, I really was so happy right then.
We were all so happy.
I live for this.


  1. Awww Maggie! You are too cool. I wanna be as cool of a mom as you are. The babies look happy as clams in the pool with their daddy. Good job!

    - Carey

  2. I miss, miss, miss you!!! And STILL need to meet Charlie! A varsity trip IS needed! :) I lubbs you!

  3. thanks carey! i cant wait for you to be a mom! you're gonna be so awesome! you do all the stuff i do...but cooler. and i can't wait to send you patterns for adorable things to make your little one.

    mandy! i will come see you sooooon! maybe this week if i get a chance! lub.