Friday, June 4, 2010

Noggin fab

Now that I have the new sewing machine, I can get back to making clothes and aprons - a thing I had to postpone a lot because the old machine was so NOISY. But the new one is wonderfully quiet. I will say, however, that having the time to find something new that I loved without using tha machine has really been rewarding. I've really enjoyed hand sewing headbands for Charlie. I love doing anything girly for her. It's our special little thing. Davey and I can jump and kick and make funny noises, but Charlie and I spend our time just being fabulous.
I've started making a few of these headbands for some friends and their daughters as well. Spread the love, ya know? Upon doing so, I've created some new styles and I'll be putting the same headbands up in the Etsy shop soon!
I can't wait for the day when Charlie bird sits in the sewing room with me and we talk about her day and she tells me all her plans for her big life in this big world. I can't wait to teach her to sew. Headbands, dresses, whatever. And I can't wait to teach her that without any of those things, she's the most beautiful girl in the world.

We're gonna have the best time.

We already do.

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