Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bears Of Blue River, "Betty Homemaker "

Last week I had lunch with my best friend, Laura Beth. And Corley and Joannah joined us which was a special treat! Charlie came along with me, and really I could've just stayed home because, lets face it, no one pays attention to me with her around. Which is perfectly ok with me. But I'm glad I was there because LB gave me THREEEEEE new cds full of musical delights! I've had all 3 playing non-stop since I left Cleveland last week. They're ripped to the computer and the originals are in the car so they're all basically always playing somewhere around me.

I've been on this quest to find the perfect music/band to suit the current season and happy life I'm living. And I feel like this band and I found each other at the greatest time. It was meant to be. Bears of Blue River, you're my new favorite:

And a quick thank you to my LB - you make my life more colorful, you make it sound so much better, and I love borrowing your shoes.

Best friends for 7+ years now. Don't see it changing.

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