Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bring it on home to me

There are a few things I miss about my life in Memphis. And, if I'm being honest, aside from missing having my friends so close by, most of the things I miss are centered around food. I miss the sweet potato fries at Young Ave. Deli. I miss the sandwiches at Memphis Pizza Cafe. I miss everything at the Qwick Check. I miss sushi from Sekisui and Lemongrass Tofu from Pho Ha Bin and cupcakes from Muddy's!

Maybe I should've written this AFTER I had breakfast....daaaaaang...

My solution to this longing is not to make plans to move back to Memphis. And I can always visit. It's not too far away. Instead, I've just decided to recreate my very favorite things to eat from my very favorite spots in Memphis. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

My favorite dish that I always ordered from Boscos was their Gorganzola Pear Salad. Paired with Rosemary bread it was exclusively what I ordered whenever I went. So I made it last week for dinner! I paired mine with some homemade focaccia and the always yummy balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dipping. I think other than using spinach instead of lettuce and using Bartlett Pears instead of whatever kind of pears they used, it tasted exactly the same. Making Maggie a happy girl:

And last night, we went totally southern traditional, with mashed potatoes and corn and snap peas. But I was longing for my favorite appetizer from Paulette's. So for a desert, I made custardy popovers with strawberry butter. Sooooo good. I thought I'd messed up because I used salted butter instead of unsalted. But the salt really brought out the sweetness. Happy mistake:


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