Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy days!

I was almost sure of it - my circle of mom friends kept saying "it does get easier..." when I we would talk and I'd tell them about Charlie's colic or Davey's looooooong teething process or the other bajillion ups and downs we've experienced with two babies at once - and I was almost sure they were lying. "WHEN?" I'd think to myself, so exhausted by the circus (though secretly kinda loving it at the same time). After 3 pretty much perfect days in a row with the twins from awesome town, I think I can officially say we've hit a smooth sailing patch. The teething isn't as bothersome (but the drool is never ending), the colic has subsided, and I see smiles the majority of the day. And there's nothing like a baby smile. Unless you're getting to see two of them at once.

Man...what do you say to that? Love is what I've got, and I've got so much. So so so much.

So today the 3 of us played on the floor with toys and practiced high fives and read pop up books, while daddy napped. And then daddy got up and played while we talked about our plans for screening in the porch weekend after next (yessssssss!). And then I proceeded to tackle another recipie from Moosewood for supper.

Tonight we had tomato walnut pesto with fresh basil (from my new kitchen window herb garden - love) with wheat penne and a garden salad with homemade lemon dijion vinegrette. It was perfect for a springtime dinner. Joe and I even got to sit at the table together while we ate and the kids were down for the night.
I've been enjoying my time in the kitchen so much this week. I want to be supermom and supermom, in my mind, needs to be a really good cook. I was always really proud of my mom and dad's cooking skills. Big shoes to fill. So I'm committing to learning how to be awesome in the kitchen.

I didn't get to sew at all today. Well, ok, I got about 20 stitches done on a pocket pal, but I'd hardly call that impressive. But not sewing on a day when we're all so happy is just fine by me.

There's a saying around my dad's house, coined by my stepmom: "I live in my dream house". I think I'm living in my dream home.

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